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2006 - 2014  9 year Track Record

Our actual managed client accounts (primary program)

S&P500 (price change)

NASDAQ 100 (price change)



+157.5 %

Max draw down -27.1%

Max draw down   -36.8%

Max draw down   -53.7%

        Actual verifiable managed account (Primary program) from Jan 1, 2006 through Dec.  31, 2014.    Our 9 year compound annual return is +11.5.% per year while our total market exposure has been about half  that of the NDX resulting in less risk for our clients.  Our fee is not included but is as low as 1% per year on accounts over $78,000.  These are real, not hypothetical values.


2015 Program results through November 27,  2015 (updated weekly)

Hot Money program

Primary program

Long / Money market program

Very Conservative  program

Volatility focused program (new)

started. 6/9/2015







Daily forecast for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 indexes:

Forecast Made:

Forecast For:


November 27, 2015

November 30, 2015




Probability for next day:


 Up Probability

Average  amount (up)

Down Probability

Average amount (down)











We give individual probabilities and ranges based on the S&P500 and Nasdaq100, each uses different criteria and so the values can differ, they are most reliable when the probabilities are both in the same direction.  * means insufficient data. **Means the signal was unstable near the close and not as reliable. This is a forecast not a recommendation. Read our comments for our current positions.



Primary program results.  Our fee is not included in data. Primary program accounts over $78,000 still only 1% per year.


 Returns per year 


S&P 500

Nasdaq 100

Palisades Primary Program





































Our total returns are much higher than the indexes and our combined losses have been much less. This is due to both the program capabilities and the fact that our Primary Program is about 30% less exposed to the markets than the Nasdaq 100 (NDX).  Less market exposure means less risk.


Programs for 2012-2015

We have four managed programs.  Over time these programs will not move together with the market as they are their own independent asset class. Any of our programs will provide diversification to stock, bond or commodity investments that you will not be able to get with standard asset classes, as most asset classes now tend to move together. All of our programs uses a different level of market exposure so they can balance risk in all but the smallest portfolio.  Each program has different characteristics so that we can match the needs of the risk adverse investor as well as investors seeking high growth. Select Our Investment Programs for Program details and management fees. 

Since they use different algorithms and have a different focus they will operate independently from each other, providing true diversification from the market trends. The positions that are shown each day in our comments are the actual positions we have taken for our accounts ( we tell you that before the trading day starts). 

#1:  Primary Long/Short/Money-market. (Daily market exposure varies, overall about 30% less exposure to market than index.)  Designed for those investors looking for overall better than market gains with less than market risk.

#2:  Long/Money-market only. (Market exposure varies, overall about 50% less exposure to market than index. Does not go short.)  More traditional approach, but it is only exposed to the market under ideal conditions.

#3: Very Conservative Retirement program. Now in its fourth  year. (Does not use leverage. Overall only exposed to the markets at a rate of 30% as much as the NDX.  For those who can not afford to take large risks, but still want better than money market gains. 

#4: Hot Money program. Now in its fourth  year. (Can be leveraged as much as two times,  but overall carries the same amount of exposure risk as the NDX.) For investors that can afford risks similar to that expected in the market but are looking to maximize gains over the long term. 


Our proprietary method of trend analysis does not wait for the trend to form but anticipates it.  Anticipatory trends will be either UP, DOWN or NEUTRAL.  In early 2012 we flushed out the anticipatory trend to make much greater sense of the markets.  As a result, on average with an "UP" Trend you should expect a high probability for the markets to go higher, strong, for the next day and then drift higher for the next week. Up trends are often interspersed with neutral days, but the markets should go  higher. With a "Down" Trend you would expect a high probability for the markets to go lower, strong, for the next day then drift lower over the next next week. Down trends are often interspersed with UP trend days but the markets should work their way lower when the bulk of the days call for Down.  When the call is Neutral we have an expectation of more erratic behavior, with probabilities for the next day leaning slightly lower, but then strong gains over the following month.  These trends will generally move between a flat and trending direction. It is important to be able to tell when the trend actually changes direction.  Viewing the calls over a number of days provides additional market information.  


Other data


Hot Money

  long/money market

Conservative Retirement

Program 3* (Closed Dec. 30, 2011)

2010 (less than one quarter)


+4.29% (3 months)

























By continually working on improvement we are able to remain on top of the markets. This enabled us to continue to make strong gains during the market crash in 2008. The program's capabilities have greatly improved over the past 12+ years as it learns from new data and we learn from our experience. These are the same programs we use to manage our accounts.  These are the actual numbers from our accounts.



Table updated weekly.  Our actual managed account is our real account using Rydex Funds. It does not show deductions for our low quarterly fees. All our Rydex traded accounts trade the same way. 


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Read our Daily Comment: We tell you our positions and market expectations a day in advance.  We have provided the daily forecast continuously since Nov. 17, 2000.

Signals for the S&P500 posted after  2:30 pm Pacific time (one and a half hours after the close) for the next trading day.

Our program, using no-load index funds is designed to work under all market conditions and has done so, in actual trading with real money, for the past 8 years. Over this time frame we have greatly out performed the markets, with lower draw downs than the markets, dispelling the theory that trading always involves high risk.  The forecast (above) is for the next market day only.  The probability chart shows the probability and expected amount of the move (explanation).  Watch these forecasts, you will need patience because we only trade when we believe we have a high probability of being correct.  We are in the market, on average about 4 days per week, the rest of the time we are safe in the money market. Sometimes we are only partially invested. The program was developed to keep risk at a minimum and to produce large gains.  This program measures "investor emotion" and "inter-market money flow"--it took thousands of hours and a number of years to develop. The program is capable of learning and adapts to new market conditions.  

These are real transactions, not hypothetical calculations.  Our real-money transactions are made using no load Rydex 2x strategy Mutual funds.  The active aggressive (2x) account moved between the Rydex S&P 500 2x strategy fund, Inverse S&P 500 2x strategy and money market. As of June 12, 2003 they also included the Rydex Nasdaq 100 2x strategy and Inverse Nasdaq 100 2x strategy funds. Our program uses signals generated a few minutes prior to the market close in order to place the trades with Rydex, our daily comments will let you know exactly what we are doing.

There have been a number of improvements to the program since inception in August of 2000. The program learns from experience and has now digested a bear market as well as the prior bull run and has provided a good deal of protection for us during this severe down-turn.   We are Registered Investment Advisors.   

If you would like us to manage your account using this very program, see our Investment Programs.  

Please do not trade these signals on your own. We are not responsible for any losses that may occur.

Visit us often and watch our progress.  Be sure to read the Daily market Commentary every day.  When we say LONG in our comments it means we expect the market to go up and have purchased the Rydex  [S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 or Russell 2000] 2x fund. When we say SHORT it means we expect that the market will go lower and have purchased the Rydex Inverse [S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 or Russell 2000] 2x fund (which move opposite to the market), and when we say Money Market it means we do not have enough information for an informed decision and have moved into the Rydex money market.  This is a very sensible way to invest.  Take a look at our investment programs.

You must remember there is always risk of loss when investing.  Past performance is not a sure indicator of future performance. 

With the trowel of patience, we dig out the roots of truth.


French Proverb

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