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Investment Programs:

We do not hold your money.  You open an account with Rydex Funds and we provide the signals to Rydex a number of minutes prior to market close on a daily basis. 

We have six investment programs:

Our Primary program trades between the Rydex NDX or SPX 2x fund, the Rydex Inverse NDX or SPX 2x fund and the money market. Active since December 31, 2005. Our maximum daily exposure is 1.5 times that of the market itself, but since we spend time out of the market or at reduced exposure levels, your account is 30% less exposed to the market overall as the NDX. This results in less risk to your account compared to the market. 

Our 2nd program (Long/Money Market) trades between the Rydex 2x "long" funds and the money market using a different focus to offer diversification. This program is sensitive to possible down days and often moves to the money market for protection.  It was introduced November 1,2010. It does not go short. Currently it is targeted at an exposure level of half that of the market. The program uses a slower moving algorithm than the Primary Program so last minute market gyrations do not have any effect on next day's position. 

The Hot Money program is for those clients able to take on overall risk equal to that of the stock market and able to handle large daily changes up to twice that of the stock market.  The program trades between the Rydex NDX or SPX 2x fund, the Rydex Inverse NDX or SPX 2x fund  and the money market It can use up to 2x leverage at times, but the overall exposure, which is a major component of risk, is designed to be the same as that of the NDX. The program currently uses proven algorithms from our primary program and will move in the same direction on a daily basis, but due to the different use of leverage the results over a year's time can be significantly different. 

The Conservative Retirement program is designed for those investors that are not comfortable with large swings in the stock market, but still would like to have the potential for strong returns. This program does not use any leverage, and is designed to be only 40% exposed to the markets overall. It is unaffected by last minute market gyrations and will move long, short or into the money market as required.

The SuperAlgo (High Exposure, high expectations) program placed its first position on 11/9/16.  This program will be in the market over 95% of the time and be fully leveraged so the total exposure level should run about 195%.  Both the draw-downs and potential gains should be larger than we have previously experienced as risk is directly related to market exposure. This is our most advanced program adding a third layer to our long running Primary program.  This program is only for those who can afford to place a portion of their funds into a higher risk investment seeking higher gains.  Like most of our programs it features time based diversification. 

The Anticipatory Trend program placed its first trade on 12/30/16. This program anticipates the trend for the next few days and generally spends a few days in the same direction. Since it has a different approach it sometimes will be in a different direction than the other programs. The program does not use high leverage but may use up to an additional 25%. The program applies its exposure equally to every "long" signal and equally to every "short" signal though we might apply more exposure overall to the long signals. The program may go long, short or money market and its overall market exposure will be about 70% of being just long or short the market reducing market risk.  We established the program in 2012 but did not trade it as a stand along program.  It is a component of our other programs and you will find mention of our Anticipatory trend in our daily comments going back to early 2012.  I decided to run it as a stand along program because of its history of low draw downs with very reliable positive returns.  


Please contact us if you would like us to send you a free information package. We are currently registered in California and New York and  are limited to only 5 accounts per state where we are not yet registered so please check with us. 

Our Fees

The "Primary" program, "Long/Money market" and "Anticipatory trend" program fees for accounts over $78,000 are only 1% per year on total investment, paid quarterly (0.25%/quarter) . Below $78,000 a flat fee of $195 per quarter applies.  ($15 per week)   

The "Conservative Retirement" program fees for accounts over $52,000 are only 1% per year on total investment, paid quarterly (0.25%/quarter) . Below $52,000 a flat fee of $130 per quarter applies.  ($10 per week) 

The "Hot Money" program fees are 2% per year, paid quarterly with a minimum of $195 per quarter.

The "SuperAlgo" (High Exposure, high expectations) program fees are 1.5% per year, paid quarterly, with a minimum of $195 per quarter. 

Rydex sets the minimum investment amount which is only $15,000 however we have set our minimum at $39,000 because our minimum fees would be higher than two percent on very small accounts. The $39,000 minimum protects our clients from the higher fees. 

Our techniques are unique to John Vitale and  Palisades Research Systems and you will not find our methods anywhere else. Lower fees for other types of investment management services may be available from other sources. 

You can get additional information on the Rydex Funds from the  web site, a division of Guggenheim Investments. 

A significant portion of our own funds are invested in these programs.

If you would like to speak to me directly please call me a 1-310-459-7528 

Best Regards,

John Vitale


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