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Investing Philosophy:

There are no fixed rules to investing.  The rules keep changing and you need to change with them if you expect to continue to make money.  Most of the change is rapid, and continuous, so we look for what remains relatively stable.  Investor emotion (or investor psychology) has remained very consistent over the years.  Optimism and pessimism shape the way we invest.  Emotions will have a great effect on investing for many years to come.  Using investor emotion can provide us with a clear advantage.  It also helps to have a good view of the economy since in a good economy companies hire, consumers spend and most of the news is good. In a poor economy the reverse is true. Our T-Index is a good reflection of the economy and provides us with an investing edge.  

Palisades Research prefers to look at investing from a risk-avoidance point of view.  It is harder to predict things that will happen a year from now than to predict what will happen next month. The same for two days compared to one.  A few years ago you couldn't reasonably trade one day at a time due to commission and slippage costs.  Today there is no penalty for investing one day at a time, and much to be gained. 

On average, the market ends the day up only a few percent more often per year than it goes down.  But every day you have money invested, that money is at risk and that is not good.  A major league baseball player does not swing at every pitch.  And we wait for our emotion driven signals.  It makes sense that somewhere between optimism and pessimism lies a gray area of unknown and when that happens we stay in the money market fund.

It's not the strongest of the species that survive; nor the most
intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
---Charles Darwin