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Two-day forecast:

Running forecast:

(How to read forecast.  The table shows the date and the direction applies to that date.  The forecast is updated each day giving over a days advanced warning. On average an up or down signal will be given about 4 times per week )

Two-day Direction  NDX_actual  Forecast gain/(loss)
Feb 1 out .27  
Feb 2 out .09  
Feb 3 out -1.11  
Feb 4 out 1.74  
Feb 7 out -.35  
Feb 8 down .24 -(.24)
Feb 9 out -1.69  
Feb10  out 0  
Feb11 out 1.57  
Feb14 out .5  
Feb15 out .59  
Feb16 down -.32 +.32
Feb17 out -1.50  
Feb18 up -.26 -(.26)
Feb22 up -1.41 -(1.41)
Feb23 up +.20 +.20
Feb24 down +1.38 -(1.38)
Feb25 up +.61 +.61
Feb28 up -1.04 -(1.04)
net for month   -.57% -3.28%

Overview for the month of February posted end of January , 2005

This is a quick glance of February based on influences of the T-Index combined with longer term pressure from stock prices and interest rates. 

Legend DOWN UP
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  1 2 3 4
7 8 9 10 11
14 15 16 17 18
21 22 23 24 25

Gain or (loss) for February 2005:

Long term investing long Nasdaq 100 = -.57% 

Trades based on the overview = -.34%

Trades based on Two day signal = -3.28%

Palisades Research managed accounts = +4.53% 

The market for February: 

There are conflicting forces driving the market for February.  On the positive side we have the T-Index at a high positive number reflecting that the economy as measured by the relationship between long term and short term interest rates is in good standing. The market generally goes higher under these conditions.  On the negative side we have longer term stock price and interest rate forces that are holding the market back. These forces are transitory and will soon pass allowing the market to go higher. During February and into March they represent a problem for the market.  This is a good time to stay in the money market or go day by day.   

How to trade these signals:

1. Using the overview in conjunction with the above market comments can help you decide the most likely course of the market over the coming month.  Using February for example,  the overall trend is shown as down until the 25th of the month, although you could use an inverse index fund like the Rydex Tempest or Venture it is best to take a longer term position when both the T-Index and longer term market forces are in agreement.  Sometimes they hold a direction for a long period of time and sometime they are less stable.  A look at the following month would provide you with additional helpful information available to subscribers. 

2. Using the Two-day forecast to trade on a daily basis enables you to take positions in index and other funds prior to the close of the market.  After the close you can check the two day signal against our Daily signal, and if you are more cautious you can exit the market at the morning fix if they are in disagreement. 

You must remember there is always risk of loss when investing.  Past performance is not a sure indicator of future performance and hypothetical performance even less so. 

It's not the strongest of the species that survive; nor the most
intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
---Charles Darwin


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